Update on the Effluent Line and Primary Pump: For the last three years, we have experienced interruptions in the water we receive, which as resulted in damage to the course. The most recent damage occurred three weeks ago when rains south of town floated debris down the arroyo and damaged the effluent line. We devised a plan to place the effluent line below ground to prevent future damage from washouts. Once the work was completed, we then requested to have the water turned on. This is when the primary pump located at the Waste Water Facility failed. The primary pump has a history of inconsistent flow rates and is being addressed. The primary pump was sent out for repair last week. There is a design in place to stabilize and increase the consistency of the primary pump. The design is from two projects that are currently underway and will address the issues that have been plaguing the course (Primary Pump and Effluent Pipe). The amount of damage over the past three years is substantial and will take some time to recover from. The projects in progress will make the 7-10 days for the Primary Pump to be functional and back in the ground. We will provide more information as it becomes available. We hope to start breaking ground this Fall/Winter for the larger improvement portions of these two projects.

We have spoken to vendors and are waiting to receive quotes on pricing. The plan is to aggressively seed this August-September and finish this upcoming spring. We were not able to locate seed this past spring due to supply issues. We have also submitted quotes for herbicide, and upon arrival will apply those prior to seeding. There are plans in place to provide permanent solutions to the issues plaguing the course.

Lastly, if you know anyone interested in employment, please have them visit the City of Gallup website (gallup.gov). We are extremely short-staffed and oftentimes only have two people available to operate the course.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work on these long-term solutions.

Thank you,
Matthew Alcala
Director of Golf

Youth Summer Golf Camp
A fun golf learning environment for your kids!

Call to Sign Up: (505) 863-9224

Schedule Dates & Time:

July 11 to July 14
9:00am – 11:30am

Focus will be on the putting green, driving range, golf etiquette and having FUN!

Open to kids ages 5 – 17.

Limited spots are available. Be sure to get your kiddos signed up!

We are excited to host this event alongside the City of Gallup’s Recreation Department.